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5 Unique Ideas for Your Wedding

Updated: Jul 9

Your wedding day is a reflection of your style and your personality. We know it’s important that your day fits your vibe. At Shelby K Studios we love shooting authentic moments, but sometimes it's hard to get away from the "Wedding Tropes." If you're looking to shake things up a bit, here are five unique ideas that are sure to make your day unforgettable.

1. Bridesmaids Dress Reveal

Show your besties some love! A bridesmaid's dress reveal is a fun and exciting way to show off your bridesmaids' beautiful dresses before your wedding day. The perfect time to do this is before the bride puts her dress on. It's also a great opportunity to capture some amazing photos and videos.

2. Dry Ice Machine for First Dance

Using a dry ice machine to create fog for your first dance is a great way to add a touch of magic and drama to your special day. The fog adds an ethereal quality to the space and creates a visually stunning backdrop for your photos and wedding video. The fog also reflects the light and creates a soft fill of light on the couples faces, further adding to the awesome photo/video moments. Using a dry ice machine is safe and easy to use. Unlike traditional fog machines that use chemicals and can be harmful, a dry ice machine uses only water and dry ice, making it a safe and eco-friendly option. This is an affordable option if you want to add a personal touch to your first dance.

3. Announce your own Wedding Party

One reason you may want to announce your own wedding party is to add a more personal touch to the announcement. You can tell inside jokes or nicknames that would otherwise sound awkward having a DJ announce. Additionally, the bride and groom may want to ensure that the announcements are made exactly how they want them to be, without any errors or mispronunciations. By making the announcements themselves, they can be sure that their guests hear everything correctly and that the tone and style of the announcement aligns with their vision for their wedding. It can be a chance for the couple to show off their personalities and make their guests feel more included and engaged in the celebration. Also this makes for some amazing content and audio for your wedding video!

4. Mother’s wedding dress reveal

Show the woman who raised you some love! If you're not planning on wearing your mother's wedding dress for your wedding ceremony, you can still incorporate it into your outfit for the reception. One idea is creating a breathable party dress from the original so you can dance all night long! This not only adds a sentimental touch in your wedding video but allows you to be comfortable during your reception.

5. Rent out civic buildings for your ceremony or reception

Civic buildings are often beautiful and historic structures that can provide a unique and memorable setting for a wedding ceremony or reception. Many city halls have beautiful and ornate interiors that can be rented out for wedding events. These spaces often feature grand staircases, intricate architecture, and historic details that provide an elegant setting for your big event. Museums often have event spaces that can be rented out for weddings, these spaces can feature stunning artwork and exhibits. Also, some museums even have outdoor spaces that can be used for cocktail hour, such as sculpture gardens or courtyards. There are plenty of these types of venues all over Cleveland and beyond.

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