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Our Work

Take a look at our work to get a feel for our style, approach to filming, and the range of services we provide to enhance the quality of your wedding video. Our goal is to make your wedding video fit your vibe!


Cleveland Cinematic Recap

Cleveland in the fall has a certain charm that is hard to resist. The gentle rhythm of waves caressing the dock, the cityscape in the crisp autumn air, and the lighthouse gracefully standing in the background all combine to create a perfect setting for unforgettable weddings. 


West Farmington Cinematic Recap

There's something simple and elegant about hosting a country wedding in the summer. Add an awesome muscle car and epic golden hour and you can't ask for a better day!


Hudson Cinematic Recap

Surrounded by towering trees, vibrant meadows, and serene lakes, this wedding was hosted in a state park. The warm sunlight filtering through the branches and natural ambiance made for an unforgettable backdrop.


Columbus Highlight

Showcasing your special day through highlight videos is an incredible way to share your joy with the world. These videos capture the essence of your wedding, offering glimpses of the key moments while preserving the intimacy for you to cherish. Additionally, it serves as a remarkable anniversary gift!

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